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Marketing Your Career:
Positioning, Packaging and Promoting Yourself For Success

Marketing Your Career

"One of the best guides I have come across on how to market yourself is book called "Marketing your Career" by Linda Popky. One of the strengths was it used all of key words involved in marketing services and products among them positioning, differentiation, branding, and value proposition and deftly applied them to the ultimate product in everyone's mind ... you."

Tony Green
Tony's blog
Livermore, California

"Ever since I read Jay Conrad Levinson's Guerrilla Marketing, I've wondered how we could summarize and translate these concepts into language that would help job seekers. They are the product they need to sell, though difficult to appreciate.

Linda Popky's handbook "Marketing Your Career" is a splendid example of just how these practices can work to promote careers across functions and industries. It's an easy read, high energy, and full of tools that if used properly can truly set you apart from your competition."

Carol Emerson
Vice President Career Management
Right Management
Silicon Valley, California

"I'd recommend this book to anyone looking for a job or looking to move up in their current job."

Karolo Aparicio
Development Director
International Rivers
Berkeley, California

"Well-written, informative and spot-on. I plan to use this to help market my own career."

Susan Lee-Merrow
Principal, Lee-Merrow Marketing
Program Advisor, San Francisco State University's Integrated Marketing Program
San Francisco, California

"Simple and easy to understand and follow for all types of people. This book helped me to look at myself, re-evaluate my qualifications, and target myself better for future opportunities."

Sarah Dang
Marketing Student
San Francisco State University
San Francisco, California

"Inspirational, powerfully written and, most importantly, it will provide the wanted outcome for anyone that does the work to follow the plan you created."

Bill Corbett
Corbett Business Consulting

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